Green Tree Case Funding, LLC

Low Cost Personal Injury Advances

What We Do

Pre-Settlement Funding

We are experts working to provide funding against your outstanding claim. Green Tree Case Funding, LLC has a deep understanding of complex cases and the probability of outcomes, which allows them to provide a cash advance against your claim. Green Tree Case Funding, LLC handles hundreds of cases every year and provides the anticipated cash to a plaintiff so you can take care of your needs now, without waiting for the outcome of your case.


Green Tree Case Funding, LLC can provide advance settlement funding of a minimum $500.00, or 10% to 15%, and to as much as $100,000 of a claimant’s expected settlement or recovery. This helps you get cash now, without waiting, for what could be time-consuming court procedures.


How We Do It

We advance money against a portion of the claim's potential recovery and take a lien on the proceeds. If the action is unsuccessful, the claimant owes nothing.


Cases That We Will Consider

The case must have strong liability and clear damages. The tortfeasor must be insured by a credit worthy insurer or be credit worthy self insured.