Green Tree Case Funding, LLC

Low Cost Personal Injury Advances

Why Choose Us

  1. Green Tree Case Funding, LLC helps you get the settlement you deserve. We provide you, the plaintiff, with the funding you need to get through the mounting bills that resulted from your injury.
  2. We are experts working to provide funding against your outstanding claim. Green Tree Case Funding, LLC has a deep understanding of complex cases and the probability of outcomes, which allows them to provide a cash advance against your claim.
  3. We work closely with your attorney to ensure you are taken care of and don’t feel pressured into a premature settlement


What Is The Process?


  • Submit a short application.
  • We verify the application with your Attorney.
  • We evaluate your case for expected recovery.
  • Eligible Claimants will receive our funding agreement to be signed by Claimant and Attorney.
  • Funds are forwarded to the Attorney the same day for distribution to the Claimant.


How Long Is The Process?

As fast as 24 hours!